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This new George & Jonathan track is my jamn. The chip duo — responsible for creating the freshest tunes that make you feel like you’re chillin’ in a Sonic the Hedgehog world in the pre-3D, pre-buff-Knuckles, no-new-friends days — released this track as a teaser to their upcoming album.

Here’s the deal with that album, according to G&J:

"George & Jonathan III is coming very soon.
George & Jonathan III will ruin your life.”

Looking forward to it!

Lol love it. (;

  • Track Name

    TinyCast 025 - Nintendo WiFi's Missed Connections

  • Album


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    Tiny Cartridge


TinyCast 25! We spend this episode eulogizing Nintendo’s WiFi Connection service — speculating about its sudden death, discussing the difficulties of preservation, and lamenting the online features we’ll miss. We also go on tangents about game ports and Children of Mana for some reason.

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